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PhD research (2015—2019)

Over the last few years I have been working on a hugely personally rewarding project that is soon coming to a close. Check back over the next few months to find out about it.

Honours thesis (2011): Aspects of rhythm in the music and improvisation in six pieces by bassist Avishai Cohen

Back in 2011, I undertook Honours study through WAAPA. For my research project I investigated one of my heroes, bassist Avishai Cohen, checking out his rhythmic approach to composition and improvisation on selected trio tunes, including the tracks Pinzin Kinzin, Chutzpan, Seattle, The Ever Evolving Etude, and Structure in Emotion from the album Gently Disturbed, and Seven Seas (from the album of the same name). I discussed concepts like ‘parallel meters’ (the juxtaposition of two or more meters of the same temporal length with the same basic subdivision for deliberate exploitation by the soloists and accompanists—this term is distinct from typical cross-rhythms by being only applicable to rhythmic structures established by the composition), as well as 4/4 phrasing in 6/4, rubato-like phrasing, long and short meters, syncopation, cross-rhythms/short additive-meter phrases, rhythmic development of motifs, rhythmically repeated notes, expansion and contraction, and trading-based solo sections. As well as the analysis, the paper contains transcriptions of solos from the six tunes.

This thesis was a lot of fun to make and has been downloaded over 20,000 times!! Get it here!!!